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How can I obtain inexpensive insurance for my new car?

Save More Money

You may already know that you can ask for (and usually receive) a military discount when you buy a car, but you should keep in mind the other ways that you can save money on your expenses. For instance, you can save quite a bit of money on the car insurance you obtain for your new car because of your active duty status. There are auto insurance companies who cater only to military personnel, and these companies usually offer fantastic rates on their insurance. Other insurance companies offer auto insurance to everyone, but give special rates to military personnel. The best idea is to shop around for insurance before even buying the car. When you call around to compare rates, be sure to mention to the companies that you are an active duty military member, and ask about what types of discounts they offer to military folks. When you find the best deal, take their phone number to the dealership when you go to purchase your car, and call them while you are in the middle of signing all the paperwork. Most companies will fax a copy of proof of insurance right over to the dealership, so you can drive off the lot fully insured by a company that offers great rates.



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