Additional New Car Costs

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What other expenses can I expect when purchasing a new car?

Additional New Car Costs

When most people purchase a new car they will tediously research the best new car financing rates and negotiate a low purchase price with the seller. One thing buyers unfortunately forget sometimes, however, is that there is much more to purchasing a new car than getting a good loan and a good price. After you get over the initial feelings of euphoria which can be brought on by buying a new car, you will realize that it is not quite time to put your wallet away. When you head to the Department of Motor Vehicles to register your car you will be faced with the additional registration fees and any taxes which weren't paid at the dealership. You should also consider the fact that your car insurance premiums may go up based on the purchase of the new car. You can always check these things out beforehand, and it is better to be prepared for the extra expenses before making your purchase. If you are able to budget for these extra expenses you won't need to roll them into the loan, which some lenders allow. That puts you in the unenviable position of owing more on your car that it is worth, although that can be the case with any new car purchase once the car is driven off the lot.



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