Auto Loans Frequently Asked Questions

Is leasing right for my budget?

Do I have to lease from a car dealer?

Should I take a loan or lease?

Can I lease a used car?

Where can I find information on dealer incentives and rebates?

Is there a penalty if I terminate my lease early?

Are all leases the same?

Where can I find basic information on auto leasing?

What is a closed-end lease?

What is an open-end lease?

What is the money factor?

What's the best least term for me?

Should I finance through the dealer or the bank?

Should I get preapproved for an auto loan?

Where can I find reliable information on negotiating the best possible new car deal?

Where can I get advice on car shopping?

What is total loan cost?

Why do I need to know my credit rating?

What's the best benchmark for comparing loan products?

How can I get a car loan when I have bad credit?

Where can I find out about car dealer scams?

Where can I get a free credit report?

What are depreciation ratings?

Is used car financing different from new car financing?

Should I take the dealer financing?

Where can I find out what used car loan rates are?

How long should I finance my used car for?

How can I compare car loans?

Can you offer any guideline to shopping for auto financing, online?

Do I have better options of leasing a new car opposed to obtaining financing on bad credit?

How much of a new car down payment do I need to qualify for financing?

Is dealer financing a good remedy for poor credit

What do the terms of a new car purchase and car financing mean?

What part of the car buying process should I seek financing?

Should I get auto financing from a bank or from the dealership?

Do credit unions offer low interest rates for auto loans?

Does GMAC offer different auto lending options?

How can I finance a Volvo?

What types of products does SunTrust offer for auto loans?

How can I finance the purchase of a Honda?

Is it hard for military members to get approved for auto loans?

Is it okay to ship a car overseas if you still owe money on it?

Do car dealerships ever give military discounts?

What dealerships should I stay away from when purchasing a car?

How can I get ready to purchase a car?

Should I get an auto loan from a local military lender?

Where can I find a car to buy?

What do I do if I feel as though I was ripped off by the car dealer?

How can I obtain inexpensive insurance for my new car?

How do I refinance an auto loan with bad credit?

How do I refinance my car?

What should I look out for when refinancing my vehicle?

Can I cash out the equity on my car?

What is phishing?

When should I refinance my car loan?

Can I get a better interest rate through the dealership or through another lender?

Do dealerships have a say in the interest rates offered to customers?

What affect do credit scores have on interest rates?

How can I get the incredibly low interest rates offered by the car manufacturer?

What else should I pay attention to other than the interest rate on a car loan?

What tricks do some car dealers use to make more money?

Are online auto loan calculators reliable?

How can I find out the average car loan interest rate?

What do I need to do to make my final car loan payment?

What should I do to prepare to trade-in my current car?

What other types of car finance calculators are available?

Can I get financing for an auto loan with bad credit?

How can I get a lower interest rate on a car loan with bad credit?

Can I get an auto loan after bankruptcy?

How can I get a car loan with no credit?

Where can I find bad credit auto loans?

Should I take the first auto loan I am approved for if I have poor credit?

What types of extra fees do I need to avoid when obtaining bad credit auto financing?

Should I use an equity line of credit to purchase a car if I have bad credit?

What can I do to improve my chances of getting an auto loan?

Is applying online for a car loan safe?

Do lenders offer special low interest rates to online applicants?

Do most lenders do business the same way?

Why should I apply for auto financing online?

What questions should I ask when applying for online auto loans?

Why should I buy a new car?

Should I take a rebate or a low interest rate?

Should I make a down payment when I purchase a new car?

Should I get a new car loan through the dealership?

What other expenses can I expect when purchasing a new car?

Why should I buy a used car?

Should I have a used car inspected by a mechanic before I buy it?

Should I buy a certified pre-owned car?

Where can I find a used car and used car financing?

Do I need to negotiate to get the best price on a used car?

Why are interest rates for motorcycle loans so high?

What other costs are associated with buying a motorcycle?

Can a person with bad credit get motorcycle financing?

Does Honda provide financing for motorcycles?

How can companies offer guaranteed motorcycle financing to people with bad credit?

How can I find the best interest rate for motorcycle loans?

What do I need to know about lease buyouts?

Should I negotiate the lease buyout amount?

What is a third-party lease buyout?

Is a lease buyout a good idea?

When do lease buyouts not make sense?

How do I find the best interest rate for a lease buyout loan?

What is an early lease buyout?

Is terminating a lease early costly?

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