Credit Union Auto Loans

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Do credit unions offer low interest rates for auto loans?

Credit Union Auto Loans

Credit union auto loans generally feature lower interest rates than other lenders. The reason for this is that all the customers of the credit union – referred to as "members" – are considered owners in the credit union and therefore are offered attractive interest rates on almost any type of loan. Credit unions only extend credit to members, and therefore if a person is not eligible to join a credit union then he or she will not be able to obtain financing through a credit union and will need to seek out a different lender. Finding a credit union to join, however, is not incredibly difficult. Although some credit unions have very stringent membership qualifications, such as a certain employer or residency, plenty of other credit unions exist which feature liberal membership qualifications. Find a credit union which offers the best auto loan interest rates, contact a member service representative and find out what you need to do to qualify for membership. Many times you can receive your membership and then immediately apply for an auto loan, and some credit unions will allow people to apply for an auto loan and then obtain membership upon the approval of the application.



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