Honda Auto Financing

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How can I finance the purchase of a Honda?

Honda Auto Financing

Honda auto financing is a great way to finance a Honda product, whether it is an automobile, motorcycle or even a recreational vehicle. Honda dealerships all have the capability of accepting applications from potential buyers, but the Honda finance website allows applicants to get through the application process beforehand so they can walk onto the Honda car lot with an approved loan already in place. The advantage of this is that since the loan is already through Honda financing, the Honda dealer will not try to talk the buyer into securing financing through the dealership. Honda offers loans for both the purchase of a vehicle and the leasing of a vehicle, and loans are available for new and used cars. The amount of the down payment is negotiated through the dealership, and the annual percentage rate (APR) of the loan is dependent upon the credit history of the applicant. Honda offers special financing options for recent college graduates, in addition to periodic sales and discounts offered to the general public.



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