Military Auto Loans

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Is it hard for military members to get approved for auto loans?

Military Auto Loans

Military members are in a unique position when it comes to any type of debt. Creditors know that if a military member does not pay his or her bills, there is always a First Sergeant or other supervisor who can be contacted and informed that the military member is not making payments. Shirking one's bills is highly discouraged in the military, and consequently creditors know that military members make a good credit risk. For this reason, if you are in the military you may find that you are able to acquire auto loan financing easier than if you had a comparable civilian job. Be sure that you take a good look at your own financial situation before accepting an auto loan. For example, although you may be approved for $30,000, you may find that upon examining your monthly financial obligations you don't think you can afford the payment on an auto loan beyond $22,000. Remember, when creditors look at your credit report before approving you for an auto loan, they don't see your monthly utility payments and any payments you may be making to individuals. This means they don't know if you pay for three cell phones and are paying $100 a month to your parents. Before accepting any offer for a military auto loan, be sure you know how much you can actually afford.



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