Blacklisted Dealerships

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What dealerships should I stay away from when purchasing a car?

Blacklisted Dealerships

You may not know this, but your military installation keeps a list of local establishments which military members are supposed to stay away from. This list includes car dealerships which have repeatedly sold jalopies while also offering sub-prime auto loans with ridiculously high interest rates. Essentially, these car dealerships try to take advantage of military folks who are either inexperienced with the process of buying a car, or military personnel who have a few credit problems and feel as though they don't deserve a better loan. Before you go shopping for a car you should check with the Public Affairs office on your military installation, or instead check with your supervisor to find out which car dealerships you should stay away from. You should also ask around to see how other military members were treated at the local car dealerships near the base or post. Maybe someone you know had a great experience with a local dealership and received a generous military discount when purchasing their car, so you should head to the same dealership your friend used and take a look around.



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Greezy said:

Can I get a list of blscklisted dealership list in VA


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