Refinance Phishing

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What is phishing?

Refinance Phishing

When you are in the middle of trying to get approved for an auto loan refinance, you may find yourself corresponding with loan officers via e-mail. Consequently, it may not seem odd if you receive an e-mail or a pop-up window from someone asking you to verify personal information in order to go forward with a loan or verify your application. The problem with this, however, is that reputable lenders rarely ask for personal information via e-mail, and it is unheard of for lenders to use pop-up windows to obtain personal information. Instead of replying to these e-mails of pop-up windows, you should contact the lender directly using the phone number supplied on their website. Otherwise you may find yourself a victim of phishing, which is a method used by identity thieves to obtain personal information from people by pretending to represent legitimate companies. Never respond to an e-mail or pop-up which seems unusual to you. Always contact the lender using the methods you have already used previously, and keep your guard up.



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