Low Rates Aren't Everything

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What else should I pay attention to other than the interest rate on a car loan?

Low Rates Aren't Everything

When you buy a car at a dealership, the dealer is going to do everything possible to squeeze more money out of you. You will be offered an extended warranty, life insurance, disability insurance, guaranteed asset protection, and any other number of extras, even if you secure financing through another lender. Even if you have a great interest rate, it won't matter if you agree to all the extra coverage and warranties offered by the dealership. The best idea is to decline every extra the dealer attempts to talk you into, even if they make it sound like the greatest idea ever.

For example, unless you already have the intention of obtaining an extended warranty, don't allow yourself to be talked into getting one from the dealership. If you really want an extended warranty, it might be offered by your lender at a lower price. The important thing is to not get blinded by a low interest rate and allow yourself to merely skim the purchase papers instead of reading them thoroughly. If you pay attention you will be able to catch any additional fees and charges placed on your paperwork by the dealer before you actually sign the papers.



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