Auto Financing Calculators

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Which online auto financing calculator should I use?

Auto Financing Calculators

With so many different auto financing calculators available online, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which one to use. An auto financing calculator on a complicated financial Web site will more than likely give the same information as a calculator on a lender's Web site. There are variations on auto loan calculators. Some will automatically input an annual percentage rate (APR) into the calculation, while others allow the user to manually input the APR.

Your best bet is to start with the calculator offered by the lender you plan on using for your auto loan. If you haven't yet decided on a lender, you can use the calculator provided by the bank you currently do business with, or you can head to a financial Web site like and use the loan calculator there. Although auto loan calculators are designed to only give estimates of future car payments, the information they produce is fairly accurate and can be a valuable tool when planning your next auto purchase.



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