Bad Credit Auto Financing

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What types of extra fees do I need to avoid when obtaining bad credit auto financing?

Bad Credit Auto Financing

If you have bad credit and you are shopping around for auto financing, you have probably noticed that not every lender is willing to grant financing to applicants with low credit scores. This may have led you to check with lenders that you are not particularly familiar with, or that you have never even heard of before. You need to take care to not get talked into paying extra fees and a higher interest rate than you need to.

Be on the lookout for things like application fees, prepayment penalties, and additional insurance such as life insurance and disability insurance. Some lenders who finance people with bad credit will add these types of things to auto financing to make even more money from the transaction. No matter how low your credit score, you can probably find bad credit auto financing which does not include all these extras. You cannot expect to obtain financing with a low interest rate when you have bad credit, but you should be able to find an auto loan which does not include plenty of extra fees.



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