Mechanic Check

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Should I have a used car inspected by a mechanic before I buy it?

Mechanic Check

When you buy a used car from a dealership or an individual you can either trust them when they say the car is in good working order, or you can take the time to have a mechanic thoroughly inspect the car to make sure you aren't about to buy a lemon. Although taking a car to a mechanic for an inspection will cost you some money, it is worth it for the piece of mind it will give you. If the mechanic finds a major problem with the car it may be that the seller truly didn't know about the problem, or instead that the seller was trying to unload the car on someone else before the major repairs became unavoidable. Insist on an inspection of the car, and insist on a mechanic of your choosing, not one that the dealer or individual seller chooses. You certainly don't want to finance a used car only to have it break down right after you sign the final paperwork.



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