When Lease Buyouts Don't Make Sense

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When do lease buyouts not make sense?

When Lease Buyouts Don't Make Sense

A lease buyout can be used to purchase a car which you have leased for the last few years. Lease buyouts are not always the best option, however, so in some cases it is a better idea to explore other methods to purchase a car. If the original contract specifies large fees for any future buyout agreement then it may be best to avoid the buyout altogether. If you are not sure that you will want this particular car a couple of years down the road, you should probably avoid a lease buyout. If you research the vehicle's actual value and find that the lease buyout will cost more than the car is worth, then doing a lease buyout does not make good financial sense. If every lease buyout loan interest rate you qualify for is incredibly high, then you may be better off simply turning the car in and either doing another lease for another car or buying a car with a loan.



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