GMAC Auto Financing

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Does GMAC offer different auto lending options?

GMAC Auto Financing

GMAC auto financing is just one of the many lending services within the GMAC company. This company also does mortgage lending and other types of lending. Auto financing from GMAC, however, is quite versatile with plenty of options for borrowers. People can obtain auto loans from GMAC to either purchase a car or lease a car, with several options available for both. One of the more interesting products offered by GMAC is called the SmartBuy program, which is similar to a lease in the sense that the borrower has a lower monthly payment than with a traditional car loan. At the end of the loan term, however, the borrower can choose to either buy the car by making a balloon payment, or to surrender the car to the dealer and pay a fee. GMAC can also assist borrowers in obtaining suitable car insurance for their new purchase. This makes this lender a one-stop shop when buying a car.



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