Advantages of New Cars

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Why should I buy a new car?

Advantages of New Cars

There are more advantages to getting a new car than just the new car smell. New cars haven't been owned by anyone else, so you aren't inheriting someone else's mechanical problems. A new car should be in tip-top order because it's brand new. If something does go wrong with a new car, the warranty should be sufficient to fix any problems for the first few years. You will also have the advantage of getting a lower interest rate with a new car loan than you would if you obtained an auto loan for a used car.

The very lowest interest rates go to applicants with good credit who purchase new cars and keep the terms low; instead of amortizing the loan for seventy-two months, for example, the loan is amortized for thirty-six months. In addition to all the aforementioned reasons to purchase a new car instead of a used car is the fact that new cars are generally cleaner and dent-free as opposed to used cars. There is just something nice about owning a car which nobody else has driven for anything other than a test drive.



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