Negotiating a Lease Buyout

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Should I negotiate the lease buyout amount?

Negotiating a Lease Buyout

Just like any other type of car loan, the amount of a lease buyout is not necessarily carved in stone. Dealerships have the power to lower the total amount of money you pay on your lease buyout, but you have to be willing to do a little haggling. The paperwork you signed when you first leased the car may have specified certain terms for a future car lease buyout, so you probably won't be able to go against anything specified in paperwork you already signed. You want to make sure that you don't walk into the dealership with an eager demeanor which lets everyone know that you absolutely want to buyout the lease. Use all the usual tactics you would use when negotiating a car loan. Obviously the dealership has the upper hand in this situation, but this should not stop you from trying to save some money on the loan. As with all car loans, you should secure financing before you even walk into the dealership. Check with your current lender to see if they give lease buyout loans.



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