Dealer Incentives & Rebates

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Where can I find information on dealer incentives and rebates?

Dealer Incentives & Rebates

A while back, when the auto industry and the U.S. economy in general were in the dumper, auto manufacturers from Chevrolet to Volkswagen were offering dealer incentives such a zero-percent financing, no money down leases, and rebates galore. Consumers became spoiled, and now many won't even consider a purchase unless they get a bon-bon from the dealer.

Let's say you are considering leasing a Ford Mustang. The dealer has given you the choice between a discounted interest rate on your new car lease or a cash back rebate. How do you know which is the better incentive? Try a specialized website (like that offers a decision calculator on its Web site to help you crunch the numbers. Plug in a few pieces of data and you'll know within seconds which is the better deal for you.



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